Reclining shower chair for comfort

A reclining shower chair will ease your burden when assisting patients with daily tasks such as showering and increases the safety for both you and the patient you're currently handling. Safety is always of outmost importance and with the shower chairs you'll have to worry less about heavy lifting and strains upon your back that might otherwise damage your body and force you into either a temporary leave or an early retirement. I'd dare say that a reclining shower chair is a cheap investment when you look at both the time it saves you and the risks being minimized thanks to it. 

Of course, choosing the right manufacturer is important as well and the recommended one would be TR Equipment whom focuses on simplicity, safety and a low cost of ownership without sacrificing quality. Their reclining shower chair is built for both toileting and showering, making any bathroom visits much easier.

Shower chairs, lifts and bathtubs

Of course, if you need more than just a reclining shower chair, TR Equipment got you covered as they manufacture mobile patient lifts, bathtubs and shower trolleys that all are designed to help make things easier for both the patient and caretaker. Regardless of what you need you can be assured that the products provided will meet your expectations while not being very difficult to learn using.

Just remember to also take proper care of the equipment and give it proper maintenance to ensure that your reclining shower chair, bathtub and other equipment you get lasts for as long as possible. Of course, TR Equipment does offer maintenance and service of their equipment when needed.​